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Avoiding Weight Gain in the New Year

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Creating the Body you Want With Sleep and Protein

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Sex-drive, Muscle-drive, Nutrition, and Detoxification

Exercise, nutrition, your libido, and detoxification- go hand-in-hand. How? Simple… you cannot excel at any one alone… meaning: you need to have a proper exercise program and proper nutrition to initiate detoxification, which allows your endocrine-system (hormones) to properly initiate.

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A diagnostic tool designed to provide immediate determination of stomach pH without gastric intubation or chemical analysis and serves as a rapid indicator of esophageal and gastric bleeding.

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How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle-Fast

Have you been, or are you, struggling to make gains in your strength and conditioning program? I have been working with people for nearly 10 years on achieving their personal goals- and i understand that there are many potential roadblocks that can limit you in achieving the body, health, and vitality that you want.

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